Persistent efforts never fail

February 23, 2009
I am going to miss a big fun here onwards. After a long and big rally, today finally the opponent on the other side of the net succumbed. ...
Persistent efforts never fail Persistent efforts never fail Reviewed by Ka Jo on February 23, 2009 Rating: 5

The Astronaut Farmer

February 19, 2009
Last night I watched the movie "The Astronaut Farmer". As always I missed the beginning. In fact this time a major part of the s...
The Astronaut Farmer The Astronaut Farmer Reviewed by Ka Jo on February 19, 2009 Rating: 5

The Flying Scotsman

February 12, 2009
“Graeme Obree” A name unknown to people including me. Yesterday my luck was strong and got an oppurtunity to gr...
The Flying Scotsman The Flying Scotsman Reviewed by Ka Jo on February 12, 2009 Rating: 5

The Lake

February 10, 2009
I entered the world of blogging few years back. With a concept of putting the trekking experience in words I started a blog and put ...
The Lake The Lake Reviewed by Ka Jo on February 10, 2009 Rating: 5

Back to the life

February 05, 2009
What comes in your mind when you hear a number like 146? Well the answer is relative. It depends on what suffix is attached to the number...
Back to the life Back to the life Reviewed by Ka Jo on February 05, 2009 Rating: 5
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