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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is my first attempt to record and present my own Guitar playing skills.
I did this using my Nokia 6600 mobile with extended recording facility.
As expected the quality of recording is very poor.
Moreover the recording was done keeping mobile horizontal.
This will make you watch the video with your neck bent in ~60 to 90 degrees (depending on your neck's flexibility)
Will try to improvise on my guitar playing skills as well as on the recording methods to be implemented.
But till then ........

enjoy the famous lead theme by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone for the film “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I recently visited Mumbai. Way to mumbai passes over Thane creek.
It was very early morning when I crossed it and I could not see any thing (at all) on either side of the bridge. I thought it was early morning fog spread over the water.
But I was wrong. While returning in the afternoon, I realized it was not the fog but the pollution that covers whole of Mumbai. Even near Panvel I could see a layer making it difficult to see an object hardly 100 meters away. Fortunately there are hills on the way which cut this deeply polluted Mumbai from a bit less polluted Pune. Just cross these hills and you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

Same Mumbai trip also helped me brake the jinx over Mumbai people's rule following nature. Mumbai people are known for their rule following nature. They follow lane rules, signals, zebra crossings and all such stuff. But today I can say that is not so.
They are no different than we puneities, infact worse.

Now that the election fever is on, a big question that every body has is whether they should vote or not? I feel we should vote. But then the next question is more difficult to answer. Whom should we vote if there is no right candidate?
I heard there are more than 150 criminals who are been given tickets by big parties. If such a criminal is the strongest candidate from your area, then should you vote him?
I heard about one option which gives you right to press button saying “none of the above”.This will disqualify all the candidates from election scenario for next 5 years atleast.
Last time I put my vote, I was searching for such option on the machine, but failed to find.
So I gave my vote to some funny guy, I never heard about. Because I don't wanted to contribute in the victory of the probable winners. But this made me vote to a person I do not know (guess if he would have won and created havoc!!). So, in that perspective, I made a wrong decision.
Earlier days, before machine voting system days, if you put seal in wrong manner then it used to get cancelled. But this error making act has been taken care in voting machines. So, if you vote, it does count 1.
I am still wondering in such a case, I should vote or go for the trip!!!!

Last friday it rained heavily in pune and it was hail storm near my residence.
Guess what?
I wasn't there!!
I missed it once again.
It must be almost 20 years I experienced my last hail storm and since then I keep missing it.
Worst part is every time there is a hail storm, I am hardly at a distance of few kms and that irritates me a lot. I guess it was first time I heard of hail storm in Pune. So I am not sure when will it be again. That leaves me with no other option than to wait for the any such possiblity.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lets Quiz!!!!

Its Quiz time now!!!!

I guess the Oscar fever is not yet over.
So this post might be a bit late but still in appropriate time.


Here goes the question.

Name the Indian actor whose not one but two movies were considered in the race of Oscars?

Can you answer?

Am sure EIGHT out of ten will fail to answer this question.

I know its a tricky question and you can't answer.

So let me give you one hint. Well the hint is still very vague.

But may be you will make it to answer!!!

One of the movies he acted ( this is another hint, its he, not she!!) won the Oscars.

No need to name the movie, one with Eight Oscars!!!


Enough of running around.

I know you can't crack the question.

So, let me answer.

Its none other than ....

Tanay Chedda!!!!
now who is this Tanay Chedda!!!
Take a look

yes friends, now you get it.

He played an important role of younger Jamal in Slum Dog Millionaire.

At the same time, he also played Rajan, close buddy of Ishan in Tare Zammen Par.

Its another story that TZP didn't even get the nomination (surprising!!)

But does this makes a history which no body was aware of and so never revealed!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Whats wrong with me?

With in 15 days I had second accident.
First one when my bike slipped over some water spilled on road.
And today, when an old lady from nowhere suddenly appeared infront of me.
First accident was partly my fault. What made me get into it, I will try writing in another other post.
But todays accident was an unnecessary event happened.
After my first accident, I decided to a keep a check on my speed.
Now I do not cross 40 km/hr on a bit busy road and 50kms/hr on a clear road.
Today it was a bit heavy traffic road and I was hardly touching the speed of 35.
Well in such a situation there is no way an accident can happen.
While driving with such a slow speed, I saw an old lady standing near the road.
But she do not sem to had any intention to cross road.
There were 2 bikes very close ahead of me and definitely one or two bikes were following.
In such a situation even I would not dare to cross the road.
What happened in next few fraction of seconds is difficult to explain in words.
That lady suddenly started crossing road. Now since I drive at a slower speed, I was on track on left side of the road.
Suddenly this lady was standing infront of me and I had no chance to put brakes.
What best I could do was to try to apply brakes and at the same time try moving a bit on right side.
But the intermediate space was not enough to miss her.
My handle hit her shoulder and in an attempt to save her I lost control. I managed to stand on my feet while the bike the hit the ground.
Even though I stood on my feet but the handle brushed across my knees which is paining now.
On the other side the old lady was sitting on the road. People standing around gathred around her .
They picked her up and made her sit on nearby bus stop. Her hand was scratched and was bit bleeding. People asked her if she is fine.She claimed to be fine.
I picked up my vehicle and parked it aside and went to check if she is fine.
In the mean time I realised that people around are less interested in her well-being and are more interested in making me take her to hospital and pay her for what ever happened.
I decided to be firm and straight away headed towards her avoiding any interupption from surrounding people.
I asked her if she is fine and should I take her to the Doctor?
Well she respectfully denied to go the doctor.
People around were insisting on me take her to the doctor.
Later I asked where does she stay and If instead of going to doctor she wants to go home.
To this she agreed. Her home was near by.
Even when she was sitting on my bike people wanted me to take her to the hospital and spend some money in some or the other way.
I ignored all the people and straight moved out of the crowd.
Dropped her at home and then was free to go to office.
I am bit worried for the lady. Main concern is the heavy jolt she received and that too with her old age.
I thought some thing is wrong with me and thats why am getting into these accidental situations again and again. But probably that was not all true.
Because alot more was to happen.
I took my vehicle to the nearest petrol pump. While waiting for my turn, I saw a lady driving vehicle with a small kid standing infront.She took a turn and suddenly her vehicle slipped. She immediatley managed to gain control but bythat time the kid had lost control and fall down almost upside down.
Again the crowd rushed to the incident place.
I moved ahead a bit and something just happened there. This time I was not the witness of the incident. The crowd was just gathering. A guy on pulsur this time had slipped and while on the way to earth thrashed few other bikes. It was a much bigger chaos this time than the earlier two incidents.
Afterwards no other incident although happened but all the way I could sense sudden screaching of brakes, some abusal interactions on road crossing and many such things.

So, nothing was actually wrong with me but something in air made all things happen.

I am wondering, my first accident reduced my speed to 40 ±10.

Now what speed should I take after the second incident?

Will any more speed reduction be helpful?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Success is sweet!!!!!

Remember the TV ads recently, highlighting cheaper sms (10 paise) charges.
I do not remember which company announced this scheme. But the ads show a person who comes to know a good news. And He/She wants to share it with people but no body is around.
His/her body language says he is very excited and can't withstand the excitement.
And in such a situation what comes to help is this sms facilty which is very cheap and can help you share the news to as many people you wish.

Well, I was in a similar situation today.
After a big struggle, finally I today managed to get my script running successfully.
It was a big task for me.

When I started working on it, I had no idea what to do and how to proceed.
I was not even knowing the ABCD of the stuff.
I even don't had any help available with me.
For the sake of help, i just had this internet facility and few conversations with one of my friend sitting thousands of kilometers away.
Started working right from scratch, in a time span of almost 3 weeks, today I managed to crack it.
The moment it started working , I was thrilled and wanted to tell somebody about the success.
But to my surprise nobody was around. It was lunch time then and only me was sitting in the whole office.
Anyways, I am very happy with my own success and just want to show all : It's RUNNING!!!!!!!!!