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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ashadhi Ekadashi

Its Ashadi Ekadashi today. People from Pune atleast are aware of it because the procession (Palki) begins from 2 villages Dehu and Alandi, both closer to Pune.
Till date it used to be just another occassion for holiday or treat of dishes at home specific for fasting.
But this year I came across it in a bit different manner.
I guess on June 17, the Palki started from Dehu and Alandi. They follow a path via Puna-Mumbai highway. Now this obstructs people's route to office who need to take or even cross this road. My present office location also makes me cross the road. But since the road was closed that day I had to take compulsary leave.
So it remained in my mind and today when I was told at home that its Mahaekadashi and we are fasting, I started thinking why out of all Ekadashis this one is significant.
Answers I found on the net.
Two reasons:
This is the day when Lord Vishnu went to sleep and woke up only after 4 months. And those are the 4 months we follow as Chaturmaas.
Reason associated with the procession: Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram started from their respective villages Alandi and Dehu 15 days to Ekadashi and had reached the temple of Lord Vitthal and Rukmini in Pandharpur on this day.

This was long time ago in the 13th century. Since then this has been followed by people till date. I guess that is a long time. It has never been missed any year. I think this makes it really significant and worth following. Do not know if I would ever be a part of this procession but atleast now I know the reason behind it and respect it.