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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well this came as a surprise to me. You can say by mistake, yes, by mistake I opened my another email account which is dedicated to this blog. Therein I found a mail from Indibloggers team.
The mail informed me that my blog stands 49th in total 100.
Now on one side this is a great news. It tells you that your blog is better than other 51 blogs.
But at the same time few questions rise in mind.
I am not clear who all are these 100 blogs.
I am sure that Indibloggers doesn't have only 100 members. The total number is much bigger than that.
Then who all appear in these 100.
Are these the newly added 100 blogs to the list or they are the best 100 in the whole lot or any thing else?
I am searching for these questions.
May be the answer is somewhere hidden in the mail or in their page.
Will get back if I get the answer.
Otherwise its still not a bad feeling to stand 49th in any random 100 blogs.

Checked the Indibloggers page. They say higher the score better tha ranking. score is given between 1 to 100.
Now I wonder whether rank 1 is the best or rank 100?
Also many many blogs might be having rank 49.(since all blogs are ranked between 1 to 100)
So it really isn't the rank of my blog.
You may call it something like percentile!!!!)
In case rank 100 is the best then please substitute 48 in place of 51 in one of the lines written above. Because in the end ranking might change but feeling remains the same!!!