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Thursday, November 26, 2009

After a break!!

Well I am writing this post after a break. Its almost 2 months since my last post. And the result of staying away from the blog can be seen from my present Indiblogger ranking that has dropped down from 63 I guess to 35.
That is a huge drop just like the big drop in share market we witnessed few months. And I know it takes time to recover from such a set back and getting the conditions back to normal.
Well let me see how long it takes me to reach my original position and do I manage to cross over my earlier position.
Time will answer all the questions.
Now, there must be reason why I could not write any post in last 2 months. The reason is big and in fact great one.
I have moved into this beautiful place which people very well know as Paris.
I am going to stay here for some and I guess that will fetch some nice stories to put on this blog.
I was wondering for time being should I change the name of my blog to " The France Diary" or should I keep it same!
What do you suggest!