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Friday, January 27, 2012

Agneepath and Chikni Chameli

Remake of Agneepath is released.
Haven't yet watched the movie. But I have good feeling for the movie and expecting that it is atleast one time watch. Well the reviews aren't that bad.
I am no great fan of old Agneepath. Hardly remember the movie as a whole. Only thing that I remember about it is the way Amitabh said "Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, Haai".
Rest I was not even impressed by Amitabh in it. His overall getup in the movie did not matched the image of Amitabh I had in my mind at that time .
 Further the voice was horrible. One thing I liked till then about Amitabh was his dialogue delivery and voice quality. Both  were absent from the movie.

Recently I heard a joke: If the director so desperately wanted that kind of voice in Agneepath, he should have taken Rani Mukherjee and not Amitabh.I just wondered when I read Amitabh received National Award for that role.  I don't even remember the female cast in the movie forget talking about heir acting.

Rohini Hattangadi playing Vijay's mother reminded me of her role as Kasturba Gandhi in the movie "Gandhi".

I know Danny normally play villian well in his movies. But hardly remember his Kancha china in Agneepath

Coming to new version of Agneepath, most promising thing I found about it is Sanjay Dutt's get up. He looks scary, hope he has acted well enough to make one feel scary.

Another interesting piece is Rishi Kapoor's role. I am expecting some good shades of villianness in his role.

Overall Hrithik Roshan appears good. He looks angry, but is he angry enough?
Action sequence or the environment and sound track during Ganapati procession did make an impression while watching the trailor.
I hope Hrithik has worked on his dialogue delievery which otherwise I don't find effective. I am just wondering and curious how spelled the magic words "Vijay Deenanath Chauhan" . Did he add "Haai" in the end like Amitabh.

Fortunate that there is no counter role of Mithun or Neelam in this version.

I heard a lot about "Chikni Chameli". Today checked the song on Youtube. But it was a total disappointment. Its just the same marathi famous song "Kombdi Palali"!  There is no fun in listening this song, infact it is lot troubling to ears since we already have  enjoyed "Kombdi Palali".

It was a total appointment. Plus I just wondered why Hrithik is so angry while listening to Katrina singing "Chikni Chameli". I guess even he did not liked how she brutely dissected the famous "Kombdi Palali" ending up with hopeless "Chikni Chameli".

Except for this song, I am really looking forward to this new version of Agneepath.

Monday, January 23, 2012

KODAK AD that flashed few years back

In continuation to previous post about KODAK, I found this photo someone forwarded to me few years back. Just thought to share. Found it hilarious then.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eastman Kodak Filing for Bankruptcy: End of an era?

Don't remember when exactly did I come across the term "photography".
My initial encounter with this concept connects to the mention of my father taking some photography courses. But I never witnessed him actually doing it because by the time I grew up to understand it, our camera was broken and all his notes were dumped in some corner of the storage.
When I met my friends Nitin and Aamod in college, I was included in their gang of five(Aamod,Anup,Abhijeet,Nitin and Rahul), to make it six who loved to go wander aimlessely in the old forts in Sahyadri. None of us I believe was rich enough then to carry a camera of his own. Many of our talks then revolved around photography. I was usually the listener being totally newbee to the concept of photography while others used to share their expert views full of words like angle, aperture, lens and what not.

One day I came across an advertisement by Kodak that informed about the chepaest camera available KODAK KB10.

This surely was in my range of purchase capacity. I discussed this with my expert friends who were already aware of the ad but not interested since it offered no features other than just clicking the photo. But that was not the case with me. My intention was just to create memories of what ever wild adventures we do and may be also sometimes use it to capture some family function moments.
So, one day I brought KB10 home.For me it was a great experience. With no previous camera handling experience and vision, I learnt a lot about angles and light effect, since those were the only options available to change.During the expeditions, my freinds also handled the camera and guided me on making a picture better. My friend Nitin even showed how a panoramic photo can be created out of simple photos taken from KB10, which was a realization for me.I was impressed with the quality of the picture and overall performance of KB10. I never wasted even a single day to develop the role as soon as they finished.
One technical problem I always encountered was how to put the new role in the camera. Initially the shop keeper installed it while buying the camera. But later on every time I had to put new role, I had to run for my friends help. They everytime taught me how to do that with all the associated technical information and also non technical loopholes.
I followed their advice and many a times successfully installed the role, but it was never a confident attempt like my friends and I always had to pray to turn it into successful attempt. I must add the "God of Photography" surely heard my prayer everytime. But even till today I remain confused on how  to install role in camera.
Over the years, lot of water has passed under the bridge. I moved on from KB10 to Canon powershot A460 to Canon SX1S now.

These new digital cameras have a lot of functions and options to offer. I try my best to make use of them. My expert friends also finally have their high end SLR cameras with variety of lenses in their pockets.They regularly try to literate me with the technicalities and advantages of SLR camera over my camera which I sincerely listen and try to understand but always end up with some confusion.

Using these added advanteges of my freind's SLR or new options in my camera, our snaps might have improvised 100 times, but lessons I learnt on KB10 on angles and light arrangement still helps me to make a strong base for a good picture.

Over a period of 131 years, KODAK helped people like me to capture moments worth cherishing in their lives. Today, KODAK has filed for Bankruptcy, struggling to keep its name alive. It surely feels sad for a company with so big and wonderful history. I wish KODAK succeeds in its attempts and regain its position among people.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year