April 2013 - Contents of life

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Gayle Storm

April 24, 2013 7
What happened yesterday can either be called a treat to the eyes or a shock treatment. I am talking about the way Chris Gayle butchered ...
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Boston Bomb Blast

April 16, 2013 2
And they are back again. But this time in foreign land. Just few months back, I wrote a post on Bomb blasts that happened in Hyderabad an...
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Gudhi Padwa

April 11, 2013 2
Gudhi Padwa is a festival celebrated by Maharashtrians as a beginning of new year. The neighboring state Karnataka also celebrate this...
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Gayle: a thunder

April 05, 2013 0
Did you watched yesterday's Bangalore Vs Mumbai IPL match? If not, may be you missed something.  What?  A thunder called Chris G...
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