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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

I am watching "The Hobbit: An unexpected journey" movie at the moment. I wanted to watch this movie but somehow missed it when it was released. Today, it is premiering  on TV and  I am not missing it this time. Well the story is just taking shape while I am watching it now. But what struck me strongly is this song. As soon as this song started, it made shivers go down my spine. Listen to this song. It is very effective. The voice is so deep, it mesmerizes you and you will surely loose yourself for next one and a half minutes. Just after the song finished in the movie, I kind of came out of trance and first thing that came to my mind was to share it with all.  I am embedding a video I could find on Youtube for every one to hear. The lyrics are given along with. Enjoy.

PS: If want the complete song that I guess is played as the end credits, follow this link:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Condensed Air Bubbles in Water

Click on the picture for better view

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mars One mission - Will it be Real?

Did you read the news about Mars One project? If not here is a link for more information about it:
I am still wondering if such a thing has actually started coming into reality. By the time 2023 appears on calender, a  bunch of people will be flying to Mars, never to return. The project Mars One is intending to begin the human colony on a planet other than Earth. Now, that is a big step. Its pretty much like those initial human journeys through Sea and Oceans when he had no clue what is on the other side of the water body. There must be some speculations to begin with and based on few hunch, brave steps were taken that finally made humans aware of the overall topology of our planet. I believe Mars One is pretty much the same. We have some idea about Mars. We have a probe name "Curiosity" already exploring that planet and now we are directly trying to land our steps on that land.
I was more surprised to know the number of enthusiasts for this mission. As good as 2,00,000 people are attempting their luck for the missions. Among these 25% are just from America and second biggest number of enthusiasts come from India (10%). This is surprising. I do not know what these people must be thinking while filling up those forms of participation. First of all, the project is set to launch in 2023 means almost 10 years since today. Second, its a one way journey. How many of applicants have really given a sincere thought about it. Won't this thought change in coming 10 years?
I am little skeptical about the mission. Apparently this is no government organization mission. So, its credibility is surely under question. Also, the organizer do not have enough funding. They are planning to raise the money through some reality shows. That puts the whole idea in danger, at least for me. I am looking at it as just another idea for making money. Now, that all ideas for reality shows are getting prototype and repetitive with nothing novel in it, somebody has come up with this new theme. I have a feeling that, after making some money, the whole idea might be dropped showing some reasons of no feasibility to send humans on Mars.
I do not know about others (except those 2,00,00 enthusiasts) what are their views about this whole theme. I will wait for 2023 and see if the them actually come into reality. If it at all happens, life is surely getting new dimensions and will get new definition.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Palace of Versailles, Paris : Front view

Click on the picture for better view. Find out a funny thing.