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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Baby Blue whale skeleton

Blue whale skeleton at Chaul village in Alibaug

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Missing Malaysian plane: A mystery still unsolved

This is a height of mystery, I have come across in recent days. Never felt that humans are still vulnerable and so not under control of Nature. A plane went missing four days back and we are still searching for any hints of its existence.
All the fiction and/or high-tech movies have kind of created this impression on mind that any thing that happens on this earth is watched and tracked by some body sitting in either USA, Russia, China or some European country. Movies like "Bourne series" some times makes one cautious of their day to day activities and body language. Coming down from that to this situation where a regular plane takes off and looses contact with every body. And since then, no body knows where might the plane be. Its almost over 96 hrs now and all probabilities are ending up with negative result. 
Yesterday night, I was listening to some serious discussion over where could that plane be, on some news channel. Apparently, the participants were some big shots. The way they were proposing the probable activities of the plane was just amusing to me. It went from terrorist attack to suicide case to misguided track taken by the plane and what not.  This just proved to me, no matter how experienced you are, Nature always has something unknown hidden and when it is finally revealed, you end up awestruck and  trying to find the foot prints of the activities.
To this point, nobody is sure where is the plane. It was proposed that it changed its route and went towards Strait of Malacca. But recent reports deny that path taken. We are back in the sea near Vietnam, it seems.
If it is a terrorist activity, terrorist must be very genius not to leave any footprints behind. If its nature, well then, it seems to be showing some of its new colors which are not known at all to the humans.
Somewhere I have started feeling that the passengers of the plane might all be alive with the plane sitting quietly in some not so explored island on the earth. I hope I am true.
Let humans manage to unravel this mystery as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Near Kashid beach, Alibaug, India

Click on photo for better view

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Google's advertisement

How many times has it happened that you watch an advertisement and it touches your heart. And while that happens, the advertisement actually shows different features of the product. This is a rare case scenario. Recently, I came across such an ad and interesting fact is I have seen this ad only once on TV. 
This is an advertisement for Google. I have never before seen any advertisement by Google. So, this was the first ever experience of witnessing their advertisement skills. And, sure they know how to do it in the best way.
A theme based on friendship and a story of two friends separated many years back. How Google plays an important role in bringing them together is the basis of all the story.
Everything about this advertisement is amazing. Actors have made the character alive. Back ground music smoothly fits in your mind and all different roles google play role during the ad, are experienced by all of us at some point of the time.
I wonder why this advertisement is so rarely shown. For me, this is one of the best advertisements I remember seeing in recent times.
Do take a look here and share your views.