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Thursday, March 26, 2015

India Vs Australia Semifinal World Cup Cricket 2015

Here, we are.
The Semifinal match of India where it will be facing a big team of Australia. 
I believe this is going to be the first real test of India  in this World cup.
 Although, India did faced some big names in its league matches, but none of them could really  put pressure on Indian squad.
I have already lost interest in India-Pakistan matches. Same is the case with India-West Indies match. I was expecting some real threat from South Africa, but it went badly for the proteas.
Coming from there, today's match will be the first real test for the Indian team. This time, in real sense, the best four teams  made it to the Semi final. It was little heart breaking for me to see South Africa loosing at the penultimate ball. I was routing for that team, all of because of their history (chokers) and some of my small connection with the Country. New Zealand on the other hand, I feel, is a great team only in its backyard.  I don't really remember this team performing any better at any other place in the World. So, I am not supporting  this team.
Coming back to India and Australia, it is really difficult to make any statement on which team will survive today. Both teams are in great form. Just out of insecurity one feels about their own team,  I am feeling, probably, its Australia Vs New Zealand Final. I hope, I am wrong.
As usual, I won't be watching the match, but following from time to time, on Cricinfo.
Let the best team win. 
( I hope its India)