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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Restaurent review: Indigo Deli, R city mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

 Recently, we visited a very nice place to dine out in Mumbai. We wanted to try some real good Italian food. Italian, because, it provide many vegetarian options and it used to be our surviving kit, during our stay in Europe. So, with few recommendations, we decided to visit the Indigo Deli, located in the R city mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
Indigo Deli -Interior (Photo courtesy -http://www.thecityguide.in/Scoops/Food-And-Wine/2013/February/19/Indigo-Deli-opens-fifth-outpost-in-Ghatkopar)
Indigo Deli -Interior (Photo courtesy -http://www.thecityguide.in/Scoops/Food-And-Wine/2013/February/19/Indigo-Deli-opens-fifth-outpost-in-Ghatkopar)
One of the most interesting aspect of European restaurants is their interior. It takes you to a different zone. Especially, those little old restaurants, with some associated legacy. It may be a sports bar, or a cafe, the interiors are awesome. Little darkish, with only available lights in the  shades of yellow, mostly dim. At other times, may be we won't appreciate such a light arrangement, but for those, who at some point of time got acquainted to European's day to day ways of living, would slowly get used to it and start appreciating it over the time.
Similar experience, you can get at Indigo Deli. With little odd ceiling, usual dim light, hand written menu on a black board  in a corner, this place assures a unique ambience, which is relaxing.
The sitting arrangement is also fabulous. You can either have a regular Table-chair arrangement, or there are kind of coupes to sit for a group of around 5-6 people. The coupes also give kind of privacy, if that is what one is looking.  From the major part of the restaurant, people get a view of the chef's place. This could be interesting to see, if a special dish is in preparation. Although, I  didn't get to see any such show.
Coming to the delicacies, the place offers a huge variety to vegetarian as well as non-vegaterians plus a spectrum of drinks.It was really difficult to put to order, because, there were so many things to try and we really didn't wanted to miss any. The server was real patient and gave us enough time to converge to a few dishes. So, finally we ordered a seriously garlic bread, along with soup.
In between, I ordered one of the dishes, I have been longing to eat for some time. It was Cheese Fondue. It was a mix of 3 types of cheese. The taste was little different from the Swiss Fondue, I have tasted earlier. But, the dish did its work. We wanted to spend some quality time chatting, and that's what, cheese fondue helped us to do. It is not a dish, which requires all your attention. You can eat one cheese enveloped bread, enjoy the taste and can chat side by side, with out any big breaks.
Once, done with Cheese fondue, we shifted our attention towards the next dish, Cannelloni of creamed spinach, corn and philly cheese. Now, this is a filling dish, oozing different tastes in mouth in every bite.One dish has 3 rolls, and by the time, you reach the last roll, you realize, it is difficult to go that last mile. But, you don't leave it unfinished and somehow cross the line.
All this you get to experience at Indigo Deli. To add to the experience, while walking out, you can not ignore a glance at different products on retail counter. And the glance does its work. You will no doubt end up buying either the baguette or dough nut or some of the interesting bakery items presented well on the counter.
The only thing which might not be in the favor of the restaurant, is its location. It is located in the mall in such an isolated area, that, you will surely miss, if you are not specifically looking for Indigo Deli. Even, the direction boards to the restaurant are not easily visible. One reason behind such an isolated location, might be to avoid unnecessary crowd of the mall, walking next to the restaurant. But, that thinking is way to much to provide an isolated place.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal: What exactly are you trying to do?

Mostly, I avoid writing on politics, but, I have been wondering about few things recently, and  hence, this post. Two people have been in news for last few days and for all wrong reasons. 
One of them is Rahul Gandhi. I am really wondering, what is he trying to do? The way it appears to me, he is trying to play politics out of anything. He has unnecessarily blown up the present issue of National Herald. The court has summoned the Gandhis to appear in court, because the court probably found some concrete reasons to do so. How is this a political vendetta? Why should you answer about it in parliament, when you have been invited in the court to do so? You have been stalling parliament from functioning for all wrong reasons. You did it in monsoon session using Lalitgate and Vyapam ghotala. What happened to that? Did you follow it up? Or as it seems, they were just the reasons to stall the parliament from functioning.  Now, you are doing it again. This time you are using National Herald and some comment made by V. K. Singh, which sounds a lot construed. This is not helping you. People are watching. They can see, you are not helping, but becoming a barrier in the development of the country. Your party is already down to the lowest score ever in Loksabha. Instead of trying to build the party and make big gains, you are trying to get advantage from small ripples, not even waves. With such tactics, I don't see your party having any great future.

Another person is Arvind Kejriwal. Now, he has the charge of Delhi. I can not really say, how he is performing. For that, some one from the place need to be asked. But what I  am wondering are some of his comments and decisions which are coming in to limelight. I was awestruck, when, he increased the salary 4 times for all the parliamentarians. He himself will be earning as per the news, some where around 2.25 lakhs per month. I wonder why? His logic as I read is, with huge salaries, the parliamentarians won't have the urge to fall for corruption. That is arguable.
2-3 days back, he commented about the death of a 6 month old child during slum demolition. The news coming out, is the child died much before the demolition started. So, Arvind Kejriwal is giving comments, even before confirming the information. That is not expected from you. We have seen you talking during Anna's fight against corruption, always with the details in hand and to the point. This new avtar of Kejriwal is surprising us.
Yesterday's comment really made us loose respect for you. You are calling the Prime Minister of India as a coward and psycopath. I am wondering, if you have any basis to prove your allegations, or, have you just started blabbering anything now. It was uncalled comment. It made me wonder, are you the right decision taken by the people of Delhi?
These are two people, who literally have power in their hand and they can actually do wonders with that power. It may not be full power. With lots of restrictions, but still, you have power in hand. Make proper use of that power, and do something constructive, rather than pushing unnecessary words to the media.

and why all such things are directly connected to Narendra Modi? He is a prime minister, who has a responsibility to run a country, which, a prime minister in India, it seems like doing for the first time. We all can see, he is always involved in some or the other activity, promoting India.

Monday, December 14, 2015

An evening at the Gateway of India

After many unsuccessful attempts, we finally went to the Gateway of India to spend an evening there.
Why unsuccessful attempts? I am in Mumbai for almost 3 years. In these 3 years, we planned to visit the Gateway of India numerous times. But every time, some thing came up and that plan had to be postponed. Even this time, we actually planned it for last Wednesday, so that, there will be less crowd. We keep hearing that, there is a problem of car parking near the venue.So, Wednesday. But on Wednesday evening, when I reached home from office, I suddenly found half of the family members unwell with cold, fever, cough and what not. I wondered and postponed it to Saturday. Again on Saturday, things did not work out. I am still thinking, what were the reasons that cancelled the plan. One of the highlighting reason is the delayed entry of our Kaamwali bai, who extended her stay to the point where, regular daily soaps would start, resulting in half of the members dropping from the plan.

So, finally, yesterday, I gave an ultimatum, if nobody else is ready, I will alone go out. Luckily, the kaamwali bai also decided to take off on the day, keeping no restrictions to keep us back.So, I was taking a risk of going to a famous tourist spot on Sunday evening. Reaching there, is not an issue. With the Eastern expressway, it is now much easier to reach this destination avoiding all the  traffic on the way. The problem might begin, once you reach there. As soon as we reached near the spot, first thing, we observed is the road leading to the destination is closed every Sunday between 10 a.m. to 8.00. p.m. So, we had to search for a way to go close to the Gateway of India, where we can park our car and walk to the gate. Luckily we managed to find a road and also found a place to park the car. The car parking is Rs. 60/- here. How much official this parking is, I do not know.  A note of caution here, I am sharing. Please make it a point to clear with the person, to pay money in the end or while parking itself. The guy asked me to pay upfront. And while leaving again, he was asking for the money. I had to give him a dose to make him realize, that I have already paid.

Moving on, it was an unbelievable crowd. Such spots make you realize, India's population is huge.
Initially, we thought, the crowd has gathered for some program as we could hear some music. But later realized, it is all for the Gateway of India. Although, we had to walk a bit to reach near the Gateway, but, I must say, arrangement made is all real good to control such a huge crowd. We not only could enter the place smoothly, but also got a chance to sit behind the Gateway having a look at all the fleet floating on sea water.
It was a beautiful view. The sea breeze was cold, at times shivering. This officially is the best time to visit Mumbai. With the setting Sun, the surrounding also turned beautiful. The Gateway of India, also looked awesome.

But, what caught my attention most was the view of Hotel Taj. It really caught our attention. If people were not taking selfies, then they were catching a glimpse of this beautiful architecture.

A few captures posted here, taken with my not so good mobile camera.
The place is worth visiting. There are ferries available to give a experience of sea routes. Outside, there are places to sit and eat. Although, the cleanliness level here, drops down a bit. Probably, because of the heavy crowd. On other days of the week, it must be a much better place.

With all the experience, now, I wish to make it my regular evening outing place. Let's see, when do I get a chance to visit again.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Spectre: Review

Recently, I watched another movie. Immediately, after watching Katyar Kaljat Ghusli. The decision to watch this movie was instinctive. Since, I had seen a Katyar Kaljat Ghusli after a long gap, Somewhere, I felt like giving a try to another movie. And, I thought, which other movie I can opt than a bond movie.
Frankly speaking, while, Pierce Brosnan was playing Bond, I used to feel, what bullshit movie are these. I just couldn't digest the idea of a person trying to sail over a wave made out of a breaking glacier with the help of a parachute, out of a racing car, and then even landing safely on the other side.  It was an overdose for me. I even equaled bond movies to a crazy movie like "Shoot 'Em up".
But then came, Daniel Craig as a new bond in Casino Royal. He brought some realistic sense to the bond movies, although, that goes against the normal expectation from the figure of a bond. Just in first 15 minutes in Casino Royal, and I confirmed, Daniel Craig is the best bond, I have witnessed. But that was it. While bringing the image of Bond closer to the reality, somehow, whole notion of an awesome spy, who could charm anybody by his skills and looks, and get the work done, just vanished.
This Bond became more vulnerable. Physically, mentally as well as emotionally.
Then came his next segment "Skyfall". I missed it for some reasons, I ccan not remember now. When I watched it later on, I got disconnected with the Bond movie. I thought, its over. The aura of Bond movies is gone.
Somehow, probably, I don't wanted to believe it and so instinctively, I went to watch Spectre. Now, I feel, I could have saved some money. The movie really disappointed me. The physical strength of Daniel Craig, which got connected to the image of Bond, is not visible here. The first 15 minutes of the movie, are disappointing. It is nowhere near the 15 minutes of Casino Royale. It also confirmed that this bond has become less smart and end up taking hasty decision. The way, he wasted an awesome car was painful. Earlier Bonds did not need to be introduced to the features of car, they knew it some how. This Bond is praying, let there be any helpful feature in the car.
The story is interesting. In context with present scenario, a competition between drone and spy, is something new to watch, rather than same old story of a terrorist group trying to take hold of a nuclear bomb, or a plant.
Work is, it was fine. It is good to Monica Bellucci in the Bond movie.
Music is disappointing. The famous Bond music is used very rarely, very subtle, so much that we just don't realize it.
Initial credit score music piece is not at all impressive.
All in all, a disappointing movie. I could have and should have for the movie to be released on TV. 
I should have preferred Hunger Games, a new series, that I found really exciting.

But anyway. If you haven't watched the movie yet, save your money.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Chennai flood- devastating

Chennai flood has been playing havoc. Fortunately, it is seizing down slowly. But what devastating effect it had, and what people of Chennai were going through for last couple of days is beyond explaining in words.
I received a video footage about Chennai flood on one of the whatsapp groups, I am member of. Mostly, I avoid watching videos shared on whatsapp, but, I happened to see this one and what I saw, is really scary.
That's why, I decided to share it here. Whoever, has made this video, really gave us a glimpse of the strength of water and how vulnerable we are infront of it.
After searching a bit around, I finally found a link in youtube to watch this video and share it here.
Here, I am embedding this video footage by Live9 TV