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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Hero - A bollywood story - Google advertisement

We rarely come across such advertisements. I posted about an advertisement by Google, which was really touching, talking about two childhood friends, now separated by country borders. How Google helps them to come together was the theme back then. 
I came to know about that advertisement, because it appeared on TV back then. Otherwise, Google really doesn't need advertisements.
Recently, they came up with another advertisement. This time it did not appear on TV, atleast I did not see it. But, thanks to What app, I came across it. This time the theme is Bollywood dreams. A beautiful story, where the son tries to fulfill the dreams of his father of working in Bollywood movies. It is a really fantastic advertisement. I do not how Google manages to do it, but once again, we have been treated with an ad, very close to our own experiences. You need to watch it here, as it doesn't appear on TV.

Video courtesy: Google India

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prime Minister's Interview

 I started getting messages on Facebook and Whataspp related to the exclusive interview given by our Prime Minister to Times Now. I had no clue about it before, but then came to know of its re telecast at 9.00 p.m. At the same time, I also received the full written version of the interview, which I tried reading for some time. When I started watching it at 9.00 p.m., since initial part was all read by me, and as it was full of formalities, where Arnab and the Prime Minister were thanking and wishing each other ( kind of again and again) for many different  reasons. Contrary to what I read from different messages about awesome interview, I found the start little sluggish. May be because, we are used to see Arnab speaking in such  a polite and normal way to anybody and also because we always hear Prime Minister giving speeches and not giving interviews. So, I thought, its just another boring interview and I switched the channel, started watching some dumb movie. During one of the breaks in the movie, I for no reason switched back to the interview. At this moment, the interview probably had taken a grip with some serious discussion on. Arnab was asking questions on any subject and the Prime Minister was answering in complete detail. I was really surprised to realize the depth of knowledge, our Prime Minister had on all the issues. For example, he was talking about the improvisation of farmer's situation. When he was talking about the steps taken for their improvement, the kind of detailing he went into to support his actions, were amazing.For the first time, I felt like, yes, for the first time probably (in my life time), we have a Prime minister, who has views ! and they are worth listening and also getting motivated. I watched complete interview there after, and felt it was worth spent one hour fifteen minutes. I guess, even Arnab did good job.He touched upon all the issues and even tried going in details. Infact the Prime minister himself went in so many details, that Arnab don't had to do much work there. After watching it completely, even I found it really fantastic and worth sharing. Do watch this interview, as  it helps us creating better picture of present situation of our country.

Video Courtesy: DataTeam News

( The quality of video isn't that good, but what is important here is what the Prime minister talked about.)

Friday, June 24, 2016

"Brexit" is happening!!

 As I am writing this post, Brexit is all set to happen. 
BBC forecast a lead for exit by 52% Vs 48% to remain in the European Union. It indicate that people of Britain have chosen to exit the European Union. What started back in 1973, considering the consequences of World War II, where there was a need for all the countries to come together to avoid any more World War like situation, has started getting cracks, it seems. Britain was always a leader in deciding the directions for European Union. But with this decision made by Britishers, is going to give new direction to the future. Although, the decision is out, but its execution is not going to happen any sooner. As per the Lisbon treaty, an article 50 need to be triggered, if a country wish to leave the Union. There is a clause though, that the said country can not join back the Union, unless all the other countries of the Union are ready to accept it back. So, the exit process will take time anywhere between 2 to 5 years.
The immediate effect of the result is seen. Our own share market has tumbled down by nearly 1000 points already. The portfolio is looking all red. The currency valuations have changed. It has a direct impact on both the Euro as well as Pound. These are just the immediate effects seen. What lies in the future is still unknown for the major part of the world. Apparently, the people of Britain have voted emotionally, some calling June 23 as an Independence Day. The experts all over the world including those from Britain were all suggesting to stay with the Union, to avoid the financial crisis, which definitely comes with this package of Brexit. But, people found the need to curb the uncontrollable immigration, which is spoiling the balance of their day to day life. Only time will tell, whether this decision will yield positive results or trigger another volatile situation. I personally feel, England has always lead by taking very unexpected and strange looking decisions, but in the end they prove it correct. 

Photo courtesy: http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/issues/march-4th-2016/why-catholics-cant-agree-on-brexit/

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pepperfry.com - Happy furniture to you

Pepperfry has come up with a new set of ads recently. Each one of them has a kind of different tagline. But each of these ads point in the direction where they are suggesting to take services from Pepperfry.com to avoid inconvenience caused while getting furniture done at home and by ourselves. So, three different scenarios have been painted. Among the three, I really liked and enjoyed the ad which concentrates on the allowing a noiseless family conversation. The way this ad is taken, doesn't give a clue till the end. A mother and son are having a conversation, where the words are not real words, but different type of noises. Then, at one point, we realize, their words are getting masked behind the noise created during home made furniture attempt. The ad is wonderfully taken and really makes  you smile at the end. The title of the ad is also apt,  Issued in the interest of Family conversation.

There are two other ads with title of Don't compromise and Stop Suffering, where others problems, which come up with home made furniture attempts are highlighted. These two ads are also interesting, but, I feel the first ad takes the cake here. What do you think?

Don't compromise

Stop Suffering

Video courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pepperfrytv

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Are you still young?

Through Whatsapp, I came across this very interesting site, which kind of checks your promptness, attentiveness and presence of mind. Well the title of the message was
Are you still young?
All that you have to do is click on numbers in a sequential manner arranged in 5X5 square box. This game is called 1to50.

So, there is a 5X5 square box which contains numbers from 1 to 25. You have to click them in sequential manner. Once a number is clicked, it is replaced by a number between 26-50. The minimum time you take to click all 50 numbers put you in different levels, which is kind of connected to you youngness.

The time range given are as follows:
10-19: impossible
20-29 : Liar
30-39: You are Special
60-79: Normal
80-99: You are getting old
More than 100 sec: You are old

Now this marking system is a part of the game started on Whatsapp. Original site does not suggest any such thing. I consider it to be partly, a memory test for a reason. First of all, you get to see the first 25 numbers and memorize them before you can start the game. So, if you are good with remembering thing, you can really save lot of time in clicking first 25 numbers. May be, after that, it is real test of your promptness and attentiveness.

It is really interesting and fun to play this through. I scored 65, on my mobile and 57 on the desktop. So, all in all I am close to Normal.
What do you think you are :
Try it here:

Leave your scores in the comment section.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OLX Mundi Dance - Attention grabbing ad

People at OLX always come up with some very weird idea to grab attention of people. The ad may not make much sense, but, it does the task very well - of imbibing their product in people's mind. Till recently, OLX was a new thing around the corner. Slowly, it started making its mark with some catchy phrases like "OLX pe bech dal". In all this time, one thing very common with OLX was their ad concept. It always have been little "Hat ke", often weird, but good enough to convey their message.
This time again OLX has come up with this weird idea. If we look at the concept of the ad, it is actually a simple conversation between father and son in presence of rest of the family members, where the son is asking father to give some extra money to buy sports bike. Father as usual denies the request. At this point, the boys sister comes to rescue, suggesting him to sell all the old unnecessary items at home to raise money for his sports bike.
Now, to this otherwise very simple story line, one odd parameter is added, where every member in the ad is conversing with their neck wobbling on the tune of the music. That's it. 
Initially, people don't realize what is happening in the ad. So, they watch it again, and again. Over the time, people start even wobbling their neck along with the ad. And while all this is happening, the message of  OLX has just not reached, but pretty much imbibed on the people's mind.
This is one really interesting ad, where I am personally checking, who among all the members is doing the task best. According to me, the father, son and the buyer are wobbling their neck very well, whereas, the mother and daughter actually fail to do so.
What do you think about it. Check it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thunder at Essel World

One of the rides, that can make your head spin, even by mere watching it, is "Thunder"  or "Thunder Bolt" as every body around me was mentioning its name. This ride has many facets:
First of all its sitting arrangement. Its designed such that you will experience both free falling with your face down or looking up towards the sky.
Initially, you just feel that it will move like a pendulum. But then at one point, it crosses the point of maximum height and take you to the other side of the circle.
Worst part is, there is no pattern, you can recognize. At every moment, you keep wondering, whether,you are going fell down on your face and other way. 
Those two minutes may feel like an unending procession. And only relief you get is when the ride is over. 
In the end, most of the people keep wondering why the hell did I decide to go on this ride. But then there are few, who return to the ride for second round and make you feel, "Really!!"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bullet train ride of Essel World

I had no idea, what ultimate stage of this ride takes us to. Just went in to enjoy the ride. At the most, I expected it go bit up and down with bullet speed. But, with in seconds, the ride put me up side down, literally. I just thanked myself, because I was about to keep my mobile in hand during the ride to shoot. But sane prevailed and I kept it in pocket.
What happened for next 1 minute 30 seconds, still put my head into spinning.
So, I decided to shoot the ride, once I am safely out of it.
Take a look, and if you wish to enjoy it, visit Essel World in Mumbai.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Step into Koovs.com - an awesome ad

I came across a fantastic advertisement recently. I had never heard this name before and so, I could not initially understand what exactly is happening. I guess, the concept of the ad is little different from rest of the ads of the league. Its worth watching. I was just not happy with the beginning of this ad, where the girl kind of jumps out of the window. But, probably that is the point of attracting attention of the viewer towards the ad.  Have a look at the advertisement.

You can visit Koovs.com here for online shopping.