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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jallikattu - a game changer !!

A lot has already been written about Jallikattu in past few days. When the topic came into discussion few days ago, I had, frankly speaking, overlooked it. But then, one day, I saw a big, no, not big, huge poster put up just in front of my window. Yes, here, in Mumbai, saying "We support Jallikattu". That point, I realized, how big this issue is going to be in coming few days. And that is exactly what happened.
               In coming days, I saw news of protest all across in support of this traditional game. Sooner, all Tamil actors jumped in to forey. The chief minister had to rush to Prime minister, Supreme court was in action. The strength of the protest was increasing day by day. Suddenly, one day, apparently it turned violent, Chennai was out of control. Then, news of burning cabs and all, by the policemen themselves, started making rounds. A result, as of now, apparently, a legislation has been passed by the Tamilnadu government to lift the the ban over Jallikattu, but still some Supreme court proceedings are in function. Basically, Jallikattu is on this year.
                    There are many such traditional games like Jallikattu, which have been banned over past few years. I am not really into this thread of news, but probably, Jallikattu was latest 2014-16 in this list of banned games. But unlike other games supporters, Jallikattu supporters did not accept it easily and came back very strongly this year to get the ban lifted. 
As I said, there are many traditional games on the same lines as Jaallikattu, which are facing the wrath of people considering them as animal cruelty. There is Kambala in Karnataka, where there is buffalo race taking place. On the same lines, Maharashtra has race organized for Ox.
          But, when I had hear about these bans being put, I keep wondering, why selectively some games are banned. For example, Ox race, buffalo race, Jallikattu are banned, but horse racing is going great. It is still allowed. These Oxes, buffaloes, bulls belong to the farmers to the extent of being their family members, but the horses are bred and bought only with the sole purpose of racing. While, these banned games used to take place during some festive occasions, that too in some remote villages, the horse racing take place almost regularly, that too as a business, and in city areas like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai. 
Another interesting and surprising thing I realized last year during Olympics is there are games solely related to horses. How well are those horses tamed !! These horses are made to dance (with or without their wish, we do not know) on some musical piece ( of course the skill is of the jockey). This makes me wonder, why couldn't PETA reach on to these urban venues to get horse racing and other such games banned, while they successfully managed to bring ban on the traditional games.

I am not pro- or against traditional games. All I am saying is, make similar rules for every one. Let economics not govern the future of some games. Traditional games are banned pointing at cruelty on animals, but games like horse racing are never discussed, because lot of money is involved in it. This intrigues me

I tried to read a bit about Jallikattu. One of the most informative material, I received here. Seems, there is lot of logical reasoning put in behind this game. First and foremost, to improve is to improve and retain the original breeds of the type. As I read, the number of original breeds of cow has been reduced from 130 to 35 in last many years. One of the reasons is, no attempts have been made to retain those breeds. In addition, because of cross breeding with European cows, other breeds yielding more milk than original breeds are taking over the market. The hidden aspect, which probably is now getting revealed is the introduction of A1 type milk in India, which never was present here. Still unrevealed completely, but some protein structures of these A1 type contain an amino acid moiety releasing morphine type product in the blood stream, a well known drug molecule. If some how it is confirmed, that this  A1 type milk has side effects, then all the white revolution we are feeling proud of, will come back to us, haunting for the life time.

To some extent, there is  a possibility of animal cruelty in such games. Probably the dynamics of the game is dangerous for both the bull as well as the men,trying to tame the animal. As Kamal Hassan suggested, rather than banning the game and stopping the long tradition suddenly, you regulate the game and make attempt to make it safer. I would give example of Dahi handi in Maharashtra. Its a game, where a huge human pyramid is made to break  a pot tied at a height. Earlier, people used to make almost 9-storied human pyramid with a very small kid at the top. But in last few years, efforts have been taken to regulate this game. Now, it is an adventurous sport, restricted for adults with minimum age of participation 18, plus a restriction on the height of pyramid to be made. In between, the game had acquired the phase of political ambition, but now, it seems to be returning back to the nature of original game, with the intent, it was started.
I believe similar efforts should be taken while considering all the sports of adventurous nature and PETA should rather concentrate towards stopping cruelty on different horses, who have now a days converted to meager source of enjoyment for few rich people around.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I got specs!!

Believe it or not, I got specs. That is a fact. Even, I am trying to digest this fact as yet. Not that, it is totally unexpected, but seems it is little too early. Abhi meri umra hi kya hai.
Last month, we had out annual check up session. During eye test, I actually did well. I read every thing written on screen, even in the minutest of the font. Then, I was shown a book, in which there were some numbers written in one color, masked under another color. I did well there too, expect for one page. Apparently, I have color blindness for blue and green colors. That is shocking. Those are surely not the colors, I get confused ever.  Anyway, I am not really worried about that, as they mentioned, it is genetic. So, out of my control.
Then, the doctors started looking into my eyes, literally. They showed me a picture of  a house and a road coming towards me from the house. The doctor did some reading and then told me, I got number. I was a bit confused, I read every thing fine. I have no head ache or any other symptoms she asked. Then, she mentioned, I have farsightedness, and with eye muscles still powerful, I am managing to see fine, even with out specs.
I really did not understand much at that time. I was still struggling to accept, I got number.
Spent few days in adjusting to this new fact. Then, one fine day, with little push from people around, finally went to get glasses for myself.
Went through the ordeal of selecting a frame, then kind of lens, about which I have no idea, what to look for, finally got glasses in hand, sorry on eyes, two days.
Now, there is a confusion again. The doctor said, use glasses, when doing some work, where concentration is required. The specs making said, use glasses continuously. That has put me in dilemma. And in this dilemma, I took two days, to actually start using it. This post I am writing with glasses on my eyes.
So, today morning, I actually decided to know, what exactly this number means, which doctor gave me. I got +0.75 number. What does it mean.
Tried going through few articles, explaining it. But nothing really helped, until, I landed on this page:
 Now, its an answer to a question quite similar to what I had in mind. The person has tried to explain in some simple language, what this number means.
So, what I understand is, this number +0.75, means longsightedness. Normal eye lense's focal length is fixed. If you want to see closer, the muscles control the lens such that the it adjusts eyes to see closer things. This is called accommodation. For long distance, it doesn't need to adjust.
In my case, that is, with number +0.75, the focal length is set little bit farther than normal eyes focal length. This would make my eye muscles do extra work to accommodate to view closer things. As doctor mentioned, at present, the  muscles are strong and so I can easily manage it and doesn't realize, I got number. But with time, this muscle strength would fade down. And if that time, I try to get specs, the number would be much higher. So, its better to start using specs now itself, so that the muscles won't get unnecessarily exhausted at early stage.

This has convinced me to accept  the new fact, and I would be regularly using specs here onwards.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nokia : Back in business of mobiles

Nokia is a word almost another person who started using mobiles at least 10-12 years ago, must be knowing. Back then, there, I guess, was only one brand, NOKIA. Of course, there was BLACKBERRY. But it had an elite status. With the introduction of smartphones, the world was divided into two parts: Windows and Android. And once again Iphones were elite.
Nokia went ahead with Windows, apparently a wrong move. Android soon took charge of the mobile market. Windows engulped NOKIA and the name pretty much vanished from the market. It was insane to realize, that the name which introduced mobiles to the world has itself now largely vanished. People started making jokes the NOKIA phones, especially the 3310 model. It was termed indestructible and how it can go on to demolish the world itself or how it prevented a gate from getting destroyed in the world war II atomic bomb attack on the Nagasaki. ( read all the jokes here).
While all this was happening, there was a small lot of people ( including self), who were strong believers of NOKIA. Each one of the mobile, they bought was a product of NOKIA. Even in the days, when the world ran after android based smartphones, they religiously followed windows based NOKIA smartphones. If not as many as androind phone, they at least had one advantage. Their phone was literally indestructible. From personal experience, no matter how many times, how many ways, with what ever force, what ever angle, what ever height ( w.r.t human height), the mobile touches ground, it didn't break. In comparison, I have seen many many many Samsung, HTC mobiles, iphones etc. getting shattered in their first ever touch up to the ground.
It was a difficult decision to make for all NOKIA believers, how to go ahead with no NOKIA in future. Some  (consider self here) continued the legacy and went ahead with MICROSOFT phones ( well the name might have changed, but the soul is still the very old NOKIA). Some are still sticking to their very old, still indestructible NOKIA smart phones.

But, for all the NOKIA believers, the days of waiting are done. NOKIA is resurfacing. (ofcourse it made an earlier attempt with X series, but lets skip that discussion). Recently, they unveiled their first successful attempt based on android as NOKIA6. This phone is introduced in China and has specifications of as good as 16megapixel back camera and 8 megapixel front camera. With 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage capacity, with additional 128 GB extendable through card, it is definitely a good bargain. Not to forget, I still believe, this phone will be consistent with the legacy of indestructible phone too.
Only sad part is, it is introduced for the Chinese market only. And probably we will have to wait till they come up new models to be introduced to other markets including India. I can live with that. With hardly one year old Microsoft mobile in pocket, I need  a reason to wait. 
For detailed review, click here

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New year resolutions - expextations and reality !

Photo courtesy: http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2016/12/08/planning-your-changes-for-2017/

Here, we are in the new year once again. Lot of expectations suddenly build up in one night. The mind probably works in most positive manner during these couple of hours. In many cases, result of this positive thinking starts appearing immediately next day i.e. on January 01, when, many people are seen on roads, gyms, gardens trying out their first day of resolution. Well the expectation behind making a resolution, and expecting results is something like this:
Photo courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/funny-workout-quotes/
But it is a well known fact, that almost as much as 98% of these new year resolutions disappear with in a weeks time, or at the most in a fortnight. Today morning, I came across a blog post, where the authors has posted a list of things he would be doing "regularly" in this year. He has given a very detailed list. First thing, that crossed my mind was, would he even remember these many resolutions, first of all? Forget following them. I would wonder, if he completes even 10% of those resolutions. ( If he succeed in doing 10%, even that would be more than a normal person's total list of resolutions.)

From there, I started pondering on my last few hours thought process. If not actively, some where quietly, even my brain was making up some resolutions to follow. The reason behind this resolution making process, was some last minute success achieved just before new year was to arrive.  Well I also made few resolutions and was kind of backing up myself  to do great and even better than what I did last year. 
I had relatively relaxing new year beginning. One thing I achieved too early in the year is a necessary sleep, which I have been missing on for last couple of months. By the end of 2nd day of the year, I have been well slept, feeling fresh and ready to initiate my resolutions.
But, what we miss many a times, are some unexpected turns, which actually dwindle down our resolutions. Just when, I was feeling fresh and all rejuvenated, I received back to back mails, giving dates for few important meetings, which I attend every year. Surprisingly, all the dates have been preponed,  compelling me to make necessary changes in my still hardly initiated resolution plan. I had planned to socialize a bit more this year. I had decided that I will attend all the weddings, and all other family programmes, which I have been giving a skip over the years. Just now, on checking my calendar for next few months, I realized, my this wish is also going down the drain, as all the programmes, I wanted to attend, somehow fall on the same day, when I just can not miss my work.
The list goes on the same lines for some of my other resolutions.

It makes me think and realize, why most of the resolution plans just fail with in a week or fortnight.But instead of giving up on my resolutions, I am making a small change. Rather than making a yearly resolution list, I am dividing it with 52. I have decided to make weekly resolutions and keep a written track of it. Now that looks little easier to it
Now I don't have to worry for the year for a big list of resolutions to follow. I have only resolution to follow over the year:
                                    Follow weekly resolutions

Happy New year to all and good luck with following your resolutions.

P.S.: Writing regular posts on this blog is not a resolution, I made. Still such an early post this year.